Internship experience in Ontario Power Generation (OPG)

In May 2014, I started a 1 year internship with Ontario Power Generation (OPG). I am in Nuclear Refurbishment Project, Fuel Handling Department. There are 3 bundles and 6 projects in my department.

The first month, my main job is to learn how everything is working in this company and get involved to each project in my department. At the same time, I took responsibility to migrated current SharePoint to the new Site. I came up with a method that re-arranges all the documents based on bundle/project, and within each project, documents are sorted base on 6 categories as following: Engineering, Execution, Finances, Gates, Project General and Project Management. This personal project took me 2 weeks, as a result, I get familiar with few people in Infrastructure department and I became one of the administrations of SharePoint management team. I learned how Risk Management works in Refurbishment Project, then, I started working with our Planning & Control (P&C) Lead with Risks identifying, reviewing and reporting. By far, I share responsibility with P&C lead and took over most of the Risk Management job within my department. By far, I am managing all risks for 6 projects in my department, in charge of Quad Chart Risk reporting, and anything that is related to risks. At the same time, I have worked with a lot of people in Risk Department.

The more time I spent in OPG the more responsibility I am taking on my shoulder, I got more and more involved in Gate Packages preparation. At first, I made the document binder for one of the six projects, participating meeting, making minutes and take actions. Recently, I have taken Project Engineer’s responsibility to prepare a Gate Package for another Project. This part of job includes different aspects of fields:
• Risk Analysis and Contingency, which I have been working on since I joined company, I took full responsibility for this part.
• Finances Analysis, including Interest, Escalation, Contingency, Project Management, Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) and others. My job was supposed to prepare material and send them to Finance Department. Since big company does not have high efficiency, I took over responsibility. I requested templates, studies procedures, made the calculation and finally reviewed/approved by finance people.
Also, my supervisor started a revolution of traditional Huddles Time, which is a weekly entire company event, news update, safety remind and discussion based on Operation Experience (OPEX). At beginning, I was digging OPEX database and make the related OPEX list and handed over to my supervisor. Recently, writing the whole package became one of my weekly tasks, job including searching OPEX and choose the appropriate one, writing lessons learned from OPEX, how do we improve based the OPEX; News Flash and Safety trait. Listening to material that I wrote everything week became one of my most enjoyable moments on Tuesday.

There are much more tasks I get involved as well. One of the most valuable things I have learned is resource is important, you may not know the answer, but the way of looking for the answer is a must know. Awareness of the right person to talk to is one of the necessary things that influence how you will perform in the company.

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