Bloor Street W 284 Apartment Rental (Location: Within UofT)

*位置:284 Bloor St. W (多伦多大学内,Bloor W 与 St. George St交界处,Shoe Museum和Chattime对面),9楼公寓
    —交通:距St. George 与 Spadina 地铁站100米,streetcar stations附近;
    —环境:居民楼坐落在Holiday Inn的后方,不直接面对路口,凭卡出入,因此此楼安全系数高且安静;
    —生活起居:步行距离到Bloor步行街上的各类商铺,包括银行、各式咖啡店、超市、有名的博物馆(eg. ROM, Gardiner Museum, Shoe Museum)、美术馆、健身房 (eg. Goldering Centre, Varsity Stadium, Athletic Centre, 楼房同时自带一个健身房)等等。夜晚回家可以安全走大路到达,利用更多时间睡眠
*价格:$1000或$1200 每人/卧室(共2间卧室),已包括水电气费用(价值$150每月)
*联系人:胡先生 647-984-1891
Email: [email protected]
Apartment Rental!! [SUMMER or 2017-2018 or both]
*Location: 284 Bloor St. W (Right on campus, Bloor W & St. George St., Opposite to Shoe Museum & Chattime), 9th floor apartment. 
    [-Transportation: 100m from St. George and Spadina subway station, near streetcar stations;
    -Safety & Quietness: The building is behind Holiday Inn, situated inward of the street intersection (Not exposed to the street), and only residents with building cards could open the building’s door, so it is very quiet and safe;
    -Life: short walking distance to stores on Bloor St., banks, coffee shops, supermarkets, museums (eg. ROM, Gardiner Museum, Shoe Museum), galleries and gyms (eg. Goldering Centre, Varsity Stadium, Athletic Centre, and a gym inside of the building); safe to walk back home through main streets during nighttime, save a lot of time for sleeping :-);
    -Residents: A lot of UofT students and professors live in the building, so you have both privacy and campus environment]
*Price: $1000 or $1200 per person per bedroom (2 bedrooms in total), INCLUDING water, electricity and heater/AC (worth $150 per month)
*Facilities: 1 kitchen, 1 washroom, a shared gym, two study rooms (in the building), furnished shared area (including all electric devices)
*Phone Contact: 647-984-1891 (Mr. Hu)
Email: [email protected]

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