Simple Hybrid Math question : ( Please~ SOS~~ explain and solve In Chinese)

Q1: According to a forecast, ABC(place)  will receive 28million visitor arrivals in 2014, 18% will stay in hotels with an average stay of 1.4 nights. Suppose that 1.4 guests occupy one room averagely, and the average occupancy rate of Macao hotels is 80%, can you calculate how many hotel rooms the city need to prepare for its visitors daily?
Q2: Development standards beach capacity standards 1.7m2/vistor (the Netherlands) 3m2/vistor (Spain) 30m2/vistor (Caribbean countries)
 Design maximum capacity according to capacity requirements, turnover rate, usage rate 
(E.g. beach size 3000㎡ ;10㎡ /visitor ave. stay ¾ hr,  1 out of 4 visitors swim )
* Calculate the maximum visitors can be served per hour*

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 Q1: 28,000,000 除以 365 乘以 18% 乘以 1.4 除以 1.4 除以80%
Q2: Q1答案 乘以 25% = A
       3000 除以 10 除以 75% = B
    比较A和B  小的那个就是答案